Syria Then and Now: A Conversation with Professor Shwayri!


Join Phi Alpha Theta and Professor Shwayri for a conversation about Syria’s political and military history, and how the country’s past has shaped recent events. Our meeting will entail a brief presentation on the country’s history, followed by an open discussion with a visiting scholar in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Professor Sofia Shwayri, who is currently working on a manuscript entitled “The Spaces of the Syrian War (2011-present).” All are welcome to attend!
Feel free to bring questions and topics of interest.


Thursday. April 19th
7:00 PM
Dwinelle 254
Events, Society News

The 101 Circus is Coming!

It’s that time of year again!
The 101 Circus is fast approaching and we are eager for anyone who has completed or is in the process of completing their thesis to present their work. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk about the culmination of both your educational experience here at Berkeley and a subject in which you are passionate about. Please feel free to invite family and friends to your presentation and show off your hard work. All are welcome to attend!!
For those that wish to present and/or attend, the Circus will be held:
Wednesday, May 2nd
in Dwinelle 3335
from 10 am until 4 pm
(with an hour break between 12 and 1 for lunch)
Those wishing to present should fill out the following questionnaire by April 28th:



Research and Publishing Night!

Join Phi Alpha Theta for a Research and Publishing Night where we will be discussing several different topics, including how to get your papers published, where you can put in for publication, as well as tips on research (specifically for the History 101 thesis). All students are welcome to attend, especially those considering or currently involved in doing their History 101 thesis!

Thursday, March 1st

Barrows 54

7:00 P.M.

**This event will be the last chance to turn in Spring Applications and Membership Dues**

Lecture Night!!

Join Phi Alpha Theta for our first Lecture Night of the semester. Professor Maggie Elmore will be giving a lecture titled, “The Walls Between US: 20th Century Mexican Migration and US Immigration Policy” which will discuss the history of U.S. response to Mexican immigration and its relevance to current political tensions. All are welcome to join!

Today, 689,900 teens and young adults are waiting for Congress to decide their fate, as the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program remains uncertain. First created by President Barack Obama in 2012, DACA provided nearly 800,000 unauthorized immigrants with temporary documented status. More than 75% of DACA recipients are of Mexican descent. Closely tied to the debate is the creation of a proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. But discussion of a border wall is not a new one: walls and fences have long dotted the US-Mexico border. The debate over Mexican migration and the US’ southern border is nearly a century old. How have policymakers attempted to address these issues in the past and why do they continue to be perennial topics of debate? “The Walls Between US” explores this history and considers the implications for current immigration policy.

Thursday, February 15th

7pm – 9pm

Wheeler 244