Lecture Night!

Join Phi Alpha Theta for our Lecture Night! Come learn from Professor Connelly about the reverberations of the Russian Revolution and socialism in countries like Germany, Hungary, and Austria!

We associate revolution after WWI with the Bolshevik upheaval and victory, but Marxism’s founders thought Russia was unsuited to revolution. What happened in the places that Marx thought were ripe for transformation to socialism, namely the developed countries further west? In Germany, Hungary and Austria workers and soldiers formed councils, and many demanded socialism, but unlike Russia, the result was liberal democracy and continued rule of capitalism. Was this failed revolution, or was this a different kind of revolution? And if it was revolution, how did it ultimately result in fascism?

Wednesday, November 15th

6pm at Dwinelle 79

If you are a member of Phi Alpha Theta and have yet to pay your semester dues, please do so!


History Trivia Night

Join Phi Alpha Theta for a History Trivia night Friday, October 27th at 5:30 pm in Barrows 151. This is an opportunity to get to know your fellow History Majors while showing off your trivia knowledge. All are welcome!

If you haven’t done so already, please bring in your application to join Phi Alpha Theta as this will be the last opportunity to do so this term.


Friday, October 27th
5:30 pm until 8 at the latest
Barrows 151

Phi Alpha Theta Board Game Night!

Join us for our second meeting on Friday, October 13th where we will be hosting a board game night at 5:30 pm in Barrows 54. Open to anyone who wants to come, this meeting is a chance for you to get to know fellow History students better in a fun environment. Feel free to bring a game of your choice if you would like! Games such as Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble and more will be available for use.

Friday, October 13th

5:30 pm until 8:30 at the latest

Barrows Hall 54


First Phi Alpha Theta Event!

Phi Alpha Theta will be having our first official event on Friday, September 15th where we will be watching the film “Hidden Figures”. The event starts at 8 pm and we welcome any students to come watch with us, regardless of whether or not you belong to Phi Alpha Theta. We also have determined a location for the event, which will be Barrows Hall, Room 80. Hope to see you there!


Friday, September 15th
8 pm until movie’s end
Barrows Hall, Room 80
Society News

Your New 2017-2018 Officers!


Sarah Kistler

Sarah Kistler is a rising senior at UC Berkeley majoring in History, with a particular emphasis on WW2 and the Holocaust. She aspires to work at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. and her attendance at Cal is the first step to achieving that goal. Sarah has been a part of Phi Alpha Theta since 2016 and is excited to see the society bloom in the coming year. In her free time, she enjoys reading, video games, and copious amounts of cheese.


Stanley Shiau
Vice President

Stanley Shiau is a third-year double major in History and Conservation & Resource Studies with a minor in forestry. He is well-versed in WWII history and trivia and has a field of concentration focusing on the influence of the two world wars in society. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering, photography, cinematography, and hiking.


Cait Cady

Cait Cady is a junior studying political science and history. She is passionate about American political history, particularly the evolution of Congress and political parties during the tumultuous 19th century. She currently works for Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies and is an editor for Clio’s Scroll, Berkeley’s undergraduate history journal. Outside of school, she has worked on numerous political campaigns in her home state of Arizona and spent last summer interning for the legislative affairs department of the National Grange in Washington DC.


Krista Thomas
Public Relations Coordinator

Krista Thomas is a rising senior pursuing a dual degree in English and history, with a particular emphasis on the changing intersection of mental illness and criminal sentencing in America. In addition to her deep passion for history, Krista enjoys marketing and public relations and holds multiple professional marketing communications positions outside of UCB. Ultimately, she is very excited to use her role for promoting Phi Alpha Theta among the student body, increasing member participation through clear communications, and learning from the vast wealth of historical knowledge Phi Alpha Theta members contribute.


Gabriella Cuevas
Event Coordinator

Gabriella Cuevas is currently a senior at UC Berkeley and a History major. She has a specific interest in Latin American history and the relations that Hispanic people have with the United States. She has been part of Phi Alpha Theta since her junior year and is excited for the upcoming school year.


Haley Hayashi

Haley Hayashi is a rising senior. She was born and raised here in California. She is interested in the history of World War II and the Cold War, particularly Japan and Germany.


Matthew Kimani
Lecture Night Coordinator

Matthew Kimani is a rising sophomore double majoring in history and Arabic. He is Kenyan by blood, culture, and citizenship, but has spent most of his life in the United States. His interests include the history of the Palestinian Cause, particularly its revolutionary phase (1965-1982, by some counts 1965-1987), Lebanese history, Arab Jewish history, and various questions of ideology and culture.